Maintenance and maintenance program:

Mac concrete Inc. is distinguished by its "maintenance program", which allows to extend the life, beauty, as well as the resilience of the concrete surface. Our internal maintenance team works with our client for the "exceptional and concrete results"!


Grinding and resurfacing:

The grinding process in several steps, smoothed the top layer of concrete, thus exposing the stony structure under the surface. This terrazzo effect is its unique characteristic of this do, each concrete has distinctive features. Resurfacing is necessary when the concrete has been damaged by natural elements

Densification and polishing:

The intensification of a concrete floor hardened the surface up to 3/8 in depth once he was grinding. This will solidify the structure of stones making it more resistant to wear and erosion.
The polishing phase will refine the surface, closing the pores for a remarkably smooth finish.

Sealing or Epoxy:

When sealing it penetrating is applied, it will act as a protective coating that blocks moisture at the surface. This process does not block 100%, allowing the concrete to breathe. For this reason, it is imperative to eliminate spills, to protect your floor from all the oils/acid stains.


Dyes offers a look comforts and warm to the concrete that gives a luxureuses style has your location.  Plarlez to our specialists to learn more and choose amongst many of our selections.